Program analysis bundle
LLVM and Fuzzing training in one package

Course bundle comprising our courses "LLVM In-Depth For Security Engineering And Program Analysis" and "Applied source code fuzzing". This bundle is for for those interested in a rigorous coverage of program analysis for software security. You will learn to find software vulnerabilities using fuzzing, and how to apply LLVM to build your own software analysis tools.

Includes the two courses
Applied Source Code Fuzzing

Fuzzing is gaining massive popularity in the security community for one simple reason: fuzzing has proven itself to be very effective in discovering bugs and vulnerabilities in software systems. This course is a rigorous introduction to the subject. We will take you through fuzzing native systems as well as managed languages, show in-depth how fuzzing works and much more. This is a comprehensive course and at the end of the course you will be able to fuzz professionally across many targets.

LLVM In-Depth For Security Engineering And Program Analysis

LLVM is a collection of modules and software packages for program analysis and compiler technologies that is used to write security-aware compilers, sophisticated fuzzers, large-scale vulnerability discovery techniques, symbolic executors and much more. This course is centred around two core parts: the first part covers the internals of LLVM and how to write program analysis applications that use it, the second part introduces the student to several important open-source state-of-the-art security tools that use LLVM.

You get

Lecture videos

Lecture notes

Hands-on exercises of varying difficulty

24/7 access to platform and self-paced course

6 months subscription to online training platform

Instructor support throughout entire course

Course updates during subscription period

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