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Reverse Engineering Fuzzing and Vulnerability Analysis Advanced Code Injections
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Foundations of Reverse Engineering

This course provides a solid grasp on the fundamental topics of reverse engineering and upon completion you will be comfortably ready to progress towards specialised fields such as malware reverse engineering and vulnerability analysis.
  • - Software represented as data
  • - x86-64 language and architecture
  • - Reverse engineering with debuggers
  • - Reverse engineering with disassemblers, Ghidra
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Applied source code fuzzing

This course teaches you the foundations of fuzzing and how to apply it on a variety of real-world software applications. Following this course you will be able to write fuzzers and find bugs in your favourite source code.
  • - Foundations and background on fuzzing
  • - Modern coverage-guided fuzzing with LibFuzzer
  • - Sanitizers and bug triage
  • - Real-world targets, e.g. Parsers, PHP, MySQL, Chromium, etc.
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Understanding Code Injections From Beginner To Advanced

Code injections are increasingly used by malware and red teamers to bypass defenses and achieving persistence. This course comprehensively covers code injections focusing on how to analyse and write applications that use them.
  • - Code injection fundamentals
  • - A myriad of injection techniques
  • - Source code and binaries of all techniques
  • - Specialised payloads, ROP and memory forensics
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We help develop secure systems and analyse third-party code

Application security

Assessing the security of a modern software package is a complex task that requires expertise knowledge and skills. We have years of experience doing this and can help you audit your software package for vulnerabilities and design flaws that may exist. Whether it is a desktop application, mobile application, IoT device or something else that you have our team will help you identify the threat models of your code base, assess if the security criteria are met and help you remediate the flaws that exist. To ensure the security of your code we use a combination of static analysis tools, dynamic analysis tools and manual auditing to find bugs that others do not.

Reverse Engineering

Understanding software for which there is no source code is a complex and time-consuming task. We help you with any of your software reverse engineering needs, including for desktop applications, mobile applications, IoT devices and anything else. Whether it is software compatibility, malware analysis, protocol and file-format analysis, determining if third-party libraries are vulnerable to attacks or something else, we are here to help solve your problem. Reverse engineering is at the core of ADA Logics and our team of experts in this field have accummulated many years of experience in software reverse engineering in both top industry labs as well as academic research institutions.

Security Automation & Tooling

We offer years of experience in integrating security automation into technology development processes and understand the need for automation to improve the software development life cycle. Security automation is relevant if you seek continuous analysis of software whether it is for DevSecOps, vulnerability analysis, malware analysis or any other program analysis problem. Security automation is increasingly adopted by both big tech companies and startups and involves both offensive security testing and defensive security monitoring and analysis. We offer years of experience building tools and techniques that solve the most complex problems in security automation.

Security Training

Ensuring an up-to-date skillset for your security professionals as well as upskilling your developers is key to mainintaing a strong workforce in the software security industry. This is a complex task that requires a lot of resources which could otherwise have been spent on your actual business needs. We alleviate this problem by offering rigorous and hands-on technical trainings in offensive and defensive software security. Our courses teach complex topics in a clear and concise manner and involve significant hands-on tasks to optimise the learning outcome for each student. We offer both offline courses taught on your or our premises as well as online courses that can be accessed at all times.

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