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Our services
In addition to our self-paced training, we offer the following services:
Custom Security Training

We offer bespoke content creation for training and educational purposes. This includes training material for in-house in topics on your products, extensions to our existing courses and creation of completely new courses depending on your needs. We can deliver the training in a manner so your entire organisation can do the training instantly.

Security Automation

We offer best in class security automation. This includes custom tooling and intellectual property development, as well adoption of open source tooling into existing technology processes. Security automation is relevant if you seek continuous analysis of software in areas such as DevSecOps, vulnerability analysis and malware analysis.

Application security & RE

Assessing the security of a modern software package is a complex task that requires expertise knowledge and skills. We have years of experience doing this and can help you audit your software package for vulnerabilities and design flaws that may exist. We can assess the properties of source-based code as well as closed source binaries that require reverse engineering.

Research & Development

We offer research and development services. We offer expertise in areas of program analysis, security automation, binary analysis, software verification and automated vulnerability analysis. We can help in all stages of your project, such as idea generation and problem solving, implementation as well as using your product to have impact.

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In this post we present four videos that cover the KLEE tool. KLEE is a symbolic execution engine that can be used to automate test-case generation as well as be used to find bugs

Fluent Bit is an open source log processor and part of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation. This fall the Linux Foundation partnered with Ada Logics to integrate automated vulnerability analysis of the Fluent Bit project.

In this article we will get started with go-fuzz, which is a popular open source fuzzing engine for Go applications.