A dedicated and capable company
We are ADA Logics

ADA Logics is based in Oxford, and was founded by researchers from both Oxford University and the University of Copenhagen. The company has not only boosted the skills of many software security professionals over the years, but is also proud to be providing top quality services to firms ranging in size from SMEs all the way up to the likes of Google, Linux Foundation and several Fortune 500 companies.

Our work has seen us secure software projects used by hundreds of millions of people, as well as take care of software for a number of Fortune 500 companies around the world. Our services are world-class, and our training courses come from the same people leading our services. We pride ourselves on being a world-class player in software security and strive to deliver the best services and products to our clients.

Choose ADA Logics to provide your training and services on the contact page and let us make sure your professional development is being put in the right hands.