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This page provides an overview of the security education services offered by AdaLogics. All of the educational content is focused on reinforcing the learned concepts through hands-on training, and at least half of each course is spent on diverse exercises and assignments. In addition to this, each course comes with enough practical work so students at all skill-levels will not run out of hands-on tasks. Many of the courses that we offer cover advanced topics in software security and teach the student the most recent technologies that will be shaping software security for many years to come, and all of these are designed to be led by an instructor. At the same time we offer courses in foundational areas of software security that are accessible through an online version as well as led by an instructor. We offer all of our courses on your prefered premises as well as our own premises. Finally, in addition to our course listing below we also offer tailored educational content in any area of software security.

Course selection

Our current portfolio consists of the following courses.
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Understanding code injections from beginner to advanced

4 day instructor-led course.

Automating RE with outside-the-box full-system dynamic analysis.

5 day instructor-led course.

LLVM in-depth for security engineering and program analysis.

4 day instructor-led course.

Advanced topics in anti reverse engineering techniques.

4 day instructor-led course.

Foundations of reverse engineering

4 day instructor-led course or distance-based learning.

Foundations of malware analysis.

4 day instructor-led course or distance-based learning.

From the industry

How important is technical training

There is wide agreement amongst cyber security professionals
that good training will be critical over the next years to match the current threat landscape.

70% of cyber security experts think that infosec teams must keep up with their skills or their organizations are at a significant disadvantage against todays cyberadversaries.

47% percent of cyber security professionals say that they never learn to use security tools to their fool potential

63% percent of infosec professionals think that their employer does not provide the necessary training

93% of cyber security professionals think that the infosec staff must keep up with their skills. Otherwise their employer has a significant disadvantage against current cyber-attacks


By default we don't have any minimum required number of attendees.

We aim to limit the requirement on student setup as much as possible, and usually the student only needs to bring a laptop with access to the internet. Our courses are focused on learning via a cloud environment which avoids complex setups with many virtual machines that take up your entire hard disk.

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