Binary analysis

Binary analysis is the process of dissecting an application to extract desired information without having the source code. This is applied in many areas of software security as it allows the studying and manipulation of third party applications, or applications where source code was lost. Our expert staff will cater for your binary analysis needs and deliver the information you require. Our services include all sorts of binary analysis, such as:

  • Reverse engineering, source code recovery, software localisation.
  • File and protocol analysis.
  • Malware analysis, unpackers, deobfuscation.
  • Signature generation and extraction of configuration data.

Software assesment

Assessing the security of a given application is a complex task. Our assessments allow you to make informed decisions about the risks in your application and how to mitigate the security holes that may exist. In order to perform precise analysis of the code we leverage our world-class expertise in program analysis tools like fuzzers, static analysers and AI-based technologies.

  • Source code review.
  • Capabilities in C/C++, Python, Java, C# and many more.
  • Third-party security assessment.

Blockchain Security

The blockchain landscape is rapidly progressing and the new developments naturally affects the security of your applications. It is difficult to ensure your smart contracts are secure and remain to be so. Our expert staff will do this for you and also deliver assessment of third party applications that you may rely on.

  • Smart contract auditing
  • Tool development for Ethereum platform