Security Automation

We have years of experience in automating software security procedures both within large enterprise organisations as well as early technology-focused startups. In addition to this we have years of experience from academia and pushing the boundary of what is possible in security automation. This gives us a unique insight into what is possible and what works.

Software security automation is used all over the industry and in many different formats. This includes continuous vulnerability discovery within the CI/CD pipeline and integration of the capabilities within your software development lifecycle. This integration is necessary to ensure critical bugs are found in your code before it is shipped to production. It is no longer enough to have a single tool that looks for vulnerabilities. Rather, nowadays you need an environment of techniques and tools within your security architecture to ensure optimal bug finding, because this is the capabilities that the attackers have. We have extensive capabilities in this domain and can build tools and techniques that automate your software security procedures to find vulnerabilities.

Software security automation is also used heavily in breach-protection, incident response and malware analysis. We can help you with any monitoring and analysis tools in this domain, including the automation of reverse engineering. We have experience building large-scale analysis infrastructures that combine machine learning, AI, program analysis and more, in order to solve complex and important defensive security problems.

Security automation is an excellent fit for:

  • DevSecOps integration.
  • Fuzzer integration and custom fuzzer development.
  • LLVM Engineering for security purposes.
  • Static analysis tools.
  • Malware analysis tooling.

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