Reverse Engineering

Reverse engineering is the process of dissecting an application to extract desired information without having the source code. This is a complex task that requires expertise knowledge and skills, and even with these skills it remains a time-consuming task. We can help you with any of your reverse engineering problems and our team consists of highly skilled reverse engineers that have many years of experience from both industry and academia, including completing PhD theses on the topic from top universities.

Reverse engineering is applied in many areas of software security as it allows the studying and manipulation of third party applications, or applications where source code was lost. More practically, reverse engineering is used heavily in malware analysis, vulnerability analysis of third party software, integration with third party software and analysis for breaches of intellectual property. We can help you with any of these tasks.


  • Malware analysis, reverse engineering and unpacking.
  • Software deobfuscation.
  • File and protocol analysis.
  • Third-party code analysis.
  • Source code recovery and software localisation.

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