Fuzzing integration, vulnerability analysis and bug fixing

We offer a specific service "Fuzzing integration, vulnerability analysis and bug fixing". This service is focused on performing a complete engagement revolving around fuzzing of a given software project. Fuzzing is a technique to automate vulnerability analysis and is composed of three parts:

  1. 1) Integrating fuzzing into the software project
  2. 2) Running the fuzzers and identifying vulnerabilities and bugs
  3. 3) Fixing the vulnerabilities and bugs found
Our fuzzing integration, vulnerability analysis and bug fixing service offers a complete package including all three tasks above.

The primary benefit of this package-approach is that you will receive a complete end-to-end engagement of your system from a perspective of integrating automated vulnerability analysis on the project to actually fixing the bugs. Depending on the scope of the engagement, we can prioritise certain tasks above others according to your needs.

A secondary, albeit enormously valuable, benefit is that the fuzzers can continue to be used after the engagement. Specifically, we construct a proper set up that enables you to easily adopt fuzzing into your project, and can both continue to run the fuzzers as well as expand upon them if desired.

Finally, we offer a service that includes a continuous fuzzing set up, such that we will continue to expand upon the fuzzing integration, vulnerability analysis as well as bug fixing as your software project evolves. This service in essence offers continuous vulnerability assessment of your software project.

In addition to this service, we also offer comprehensive and high quality training on how to perform fuzzing, which can be leveraged to upskill your developers and security engineers to expand upon our service.

Why fuzzing integration, vulnerability analysis and bug fixing

  • - You will receive the necessary software set up to fuzz and analyse your project. This will be a setup that is easy to replicate, run and expand on by your own developers or security engineers.
  • - You will receive all (1) integration of vulnerability analysis of your system; (2) a security assessment based on this integration and (3) fixes of security-relevant bugs.
  • - You will receive a concrete statement on the scope of the analysis, i.e. what parts of your code has been analysed as well as what parts are missing analysis.
  • - You will receive a comprehensive report detailing the above.

Why opt for a continuous service

The primary goal is to find bugs before they are shipped. Vulnerabilities can be introduced in software whenever expansions on the software happen and this is the primary reason for opting for a continuous analysis service. In essence, the later a bug is discovered in the software development process, the higher the costs associated with fixing that bug in terms of time and complexity. We can integrate continuous fuzzing into your project such that the analysis is running at all times with the latest version of the code and thus catching bugs early in respect to when they are introduced..

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