Computer Security R&D

by world-class researchers

What we do

Problem analysis

We provide fundamental analysis that extracts the details and intricasies of your particular problem. We use this analysis to identify the most optimal solutions and the potential trade-offs each of them have.

Project planning

Given a conceptual problem solution we plan and architect the process it takes to convert the conceptual idea into a practical and real technology.

Tool development

We implement the tools you need to realise your solution in the form of a real and fully-working software system.

How we do it

Leading-edge technology

Technology moves fast and our solutions are always based on the leading technologies that are based on solid engineering and show long-term prospects.

Tailormade solutions

The solutions we provide are tailormade to your needs in order to provide the most optimal solution to your problem.

Best of academia and industry

Our researchers come from the best security research labs in both academia and industry. This ensures our solutions are fundamentally sound as well as pragmatic and goal-oriented.

Innovative solutions to move your business forward

Our world-class researchers deliver fundamental and long-term solutions
to complex problems in all areas of software security

Automating reverse engineering

We build tools to automate all areas of software reverse engineering, e.g. malware sandboxes, hypervisors, emulators, automatic unpackers, code profilers, etc.

AI-based solutions

We build tools in all areas of software security that utilise AI-based techniques to solve general problems in precise manners.

Program analysis solutions

Our expert staff has many years of experience in building static, dynamic and hybrid analysis tools, and we use this expertise to deliver solutions in all areas of software security.

Vulnerability discovery tools

Our expert staff builds custom tools to automate vulnerability discovery. The tools can be fuzzers, symbolic executors, hybrid solutions and code-reuse identifiers.

LLVM engineering

We build compiler extensions and analysis tools in all areas of the LLVM tool chain in order to augment analysis capabilities in a general manner.

User interface prototyping

We offer rapid prototyping of user interfaces to your custom in-house tools, so you can quickly utilise the capabilities to more employees within your organisation.

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