Application Security

Assessing the security of a modern software package is a complex task that requires expertise knowledge and skills. We have years of experience doing this and can help you audit your software package for vulnerabilities and design flaws that may exist. Our assessments allow you to make informed decisions about the risks in your application and how to mitigate the security holes that may exist.

We can help assess your software package and work in a variety of platforms including desktop applications, mobile applications, IoT devices, micro services and more. Through the process we identify the threat models of your code base, assess if the security criteria are met and help you remediate the flaws that exist.

In order to perform precise analysis of the code we perform rigorous manual auditing as well as leverage our world-class expertise in program analysis tools like fuzzers, static analysers and AI-based technologies. We use state-of-the-art tools from the community as well as proprietary tools developed in-house. Through this process we find bugs that others can't and we ensure the security of your code is up to the highest standard.

At the end of the engagement the typical deliverable you receive is a report describing the process and findings as well as remediation and advice. The report is accompanied by any software artifacts we wrote during the engagement, such as proof-of-concept exploits or analysis tools such as fuzzers that we used to analyse your code.

We are an excellent match for projects in the following areas:

  • Source code review in C/C++, Assembler, Python, Php, Go, Java, C# and many more.
  • Work on desktop, server, mobile and IoT platforms.
  • Threat modelling, architecture review and design analysis.
  • Remediation and exploitability analysis.
  • Large-scale software analysis.
We do not match well for projects in the following areas:
  • Social engineering.
  • Website penetration testing.
  • Network penetration testing.

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